About Us

Our story begins in 2009, when we decided to integrate our long-term management and entrepreneurial experience into a recruitment agency. Since the beginning, we have been focusing on recruitment for middle and top management positions, especially for manufacturing facilities, as well as on white-collar technical recruitment.

We have hands-on experience in manufacturing environments and are aware of the fact that, for this particular field, the set of skills sought in a candidate is very specific and requires good understanding of all the functioning mechanisms of a production facility. Knowing the difference between quality assurance and quality control or understanding what the main tasks of a process engineer or a plant manager are, means that only those candidates who fit the profile are selected and proposed for an interview. However, experience alone is never enough, therefore we focus on finding people who are flexible, who have the right attitude and a mature approach when it comes to future career challenges. This is where our expertise brings added value to our clients by optimizing their recruitment process.

We have a comprehensive database of candidates and we rely extensively on our professional network, many of our contacts being experienced middle and top managers.

Most of our clients are multinational companies, both manufacturers and service providers.

We have strong work ethics, we are open-minded and flexible and we always seek to build long-term relationships with clients, candidates and partners.