Executive search

When you are looking for the right executive talent, you need a search consultant who understands how things work in your company. Our team has more than 10 years of entrepreneurial and top management expertise, strong academic backgrounds, as well as a far-reaching network of relationships which are essential for any assignment.

We always ask questions in order to gain an understanding of your activity and your organizational culture.

We work together with you to define the objectives of the assignment and to develop the profile of the right candidate rather than the “ideal” one. We approach the candidates personally, we evaluate their compatibility with the profile and we take time to talk about their expectations when it comes to their future careers. A key element of the recruitment process is to provide an insightful description of the opportunity at hand, one that the candidate can relate to, in order to assess how they would integrate into your company.

During the hiring phase, we act as advisors in order to facilitate a successful negotiation.

Our relationship with both clients and candidates is built on trust and respect and we always seek to work with people who share our values and vision.