Our services include Executive search, White-collar technical recruitment, Recruitment for service providers and HR consulting.

Commitment to a new project means that we adapt to the needs of our clients and always seek to meet and exceed their expectations. We take time to understand the assignment and develop a strategy. We are creative and we use all the tools available to us in order to identify the right candidate. Most of our clients have worked with us before and appreciate our genuine and insightful approach.

Our recruitment process is structured into 7 key steps

Preliminary assessment

Based on the project description provided by our client, we determine whether the assignment is covered by our expertise.

Profile definition

Together with the client, we define the most important characteristics of the profile while developing an understanding of the organizational culture.

Candidate search

We search for potential candidates using our business network, our internal database and the most important specialized websites.

Candidate assessment

We organize telephone, Skype and face-to-face interviews in order to determine whether the profile of the candidate matches the defined profile.  

Candidate introduction

We send a short list of matching candidates to the client, together with the most relevant interview details.

Hiring advice

We act as advisors for both candidate and client in order to facilitate the successful completion of the recruitment process.


Once a candidate is hired, we evaluate our work together with the client, in order to improve our performance. Feedback from our candidates is equally important and, when needed, we offer advice even after completion of our assignment.